May 04, 2023. by Jeremiah Birfa Nimyel

The essence of population census cannot be ignored this is why every structured and responsible government should play a vital role in conducting it census to ascertain and control the growth of it mortality rate. It is in view of this we like to define the term Population census and how it helps to the growth and development of a country.

Population census, is the process of collecting, compiling, evaluating analyzing and publishing or otherwise disseminating demographic, economic and social data pertaining, at a specified time, to all persons in a country or in a well delimited part of a country. - OECD

You will agree with me that the term does not just involve a unit of ministry but the entire population of the country, this is why population census was a major reason that led to the Nigerian census crisis in 1962 which some section or region believe the figures were manipulated to favor another.

Furthermore, in other, to established and laid a structure for this Agreement, I will also want to define the term births as regards to the topic on why do people (African) give birth to too many children. What then is Birth?

Birth is defined as a process of bearing young parturition, Childbirth.

 It is in lieu of this I will like to state the premise of my writing which state that “why do people (African) give birth to too many children?

We have established a the basis for this write up which defines the three basic nomenclature, having state that why or what the reason why people Africa precisely love giving birth to too many children, the reasons are not far fetch from the us only that ignorance has taken a better side of our human nature which in turn, make us slaves.

Like the Reggae Master and father of Reggae will say Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, it first starts with you and I from within not through socio-cultural exhibitions or chastisement.

The reasons of Africans having plenty children varies and this are listed as follows according to the method of data collected, random sampling was employed and the responses are as follows:

  • Gender: The search and anxiety of parents in having a particular gender has always been a primary cause of the African population density, which always constitute to lack of birth control amongst couples. i.e when couples are in need of either a male or female gender when they  already have about 5 or 6 kids, they tend to make the other gender of the kids less important.
  • Lack of Knowledge:

Basically a larger population of Nigerians is not aware or knowledgeable about clinic matters in birth control, and this is mostly cause by ignorance and lack of cooperation from the family support unit of the hospital. Couples are supposed to go for proper counseling towards child birth and adhere strictly to the guidelines governing it. Like the saying goes knowledge is key to salvaging ignorance.   

  • Economic and Political Supremacy:

The heterogeneity of African countries also led to regions supremacy. Using Nigeria 1962 population census crisis, this is usually an  to control power and the economy of the nation, it has always been a battle of supremacy to control  the affairs of the country.

  • Tradition:

Tradition of varies and this is another major cause of increase in population density in Nigeria and Africa at large, some traditions also encourage polygamy and the child birth, which gives honor to the mostly populated clan or household.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In a nutshell, population density in Africa has been a major cause of African underdevelopment, religion and tradition should not be applicable to such things, the normally misused the Biblical passage that assert “Go ye into the entire world and multiple”.

With this little article, I will like to give the following recommendation:

  • Couples should register in any clinic of their choice to get guidance toward child reproduction and how to take active responsibility for their act.
  • Public Seminars, symposium to enlighten birth control and the effects to the growth and development of the society.
  • Leaders should live by example, no underage marriage, and incessant reproduction of children.
  • It is not enough to launched the revised national policy on population to address high fertility rate but making sure the policy is seen through every process and sign into law.
  • Policy makers should adhered, pass into laws and be decisive and deliberate on the issues in plenary sessions, not to end as a paper presentation.

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