Empowering Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Inclusive Social Welfare & Empowerment Foundation Empowering Survivors of Domestic Abuse

What Does It Take To Leave an Abusive Relationship?

Leaving an abusive relationship is not an easy task because the majority of times the abuser is someone close, loved and cared for. Abuse in the majority of relationships is about power and control and it’s pertinent to leave the relationship because of one’s mental health and financial wellbeing likewise for the safety of the children if any.

In reality, many victims cannot flee an abusive relationship despite being aware of the signs and symptoms. It takes an enormous mental and psychological strength to break free from abusive relationships since most of the time victims share family, children, friends, finance as well as emotional ties with their abusers. The majority of women are trapped in abusive relationships because they are financially dependent on their abusers, or they cannot afford to hire an attorney to initiate divorce or process long legal procedures in ensuring safety and security. In situations where the partner are in joint business and when their finances are involved jointly, they find it difficult to break free hence the need for prenuptial agreement and modus operands for the business needs to be put in place before the beginning of commitment in relationships.

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse/Violence

States, community and religious leaders should promote healthy and happy family life and discourage domestic violence and abuse in all ramification and foster a support system for the survivors. One of the areas where survivors need support to get back to normal life after escaping abusive relationship is the Women's economic empowerment which helps women and girls gain the skills, resources, and opportunities to participate equally in markets and to control and benefit from their earnings. It is known that women's full economic participation helps businesses perform better and supports economic growth in the community.

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How we can support you

did you know? You are not alone, 1 woman in 4 will experience domestic abuse over the course of her lifetime. Every 30 seconds the police receive a call for help relating to domestic abuse. Every day, our Helpline team speaks to more than 100 survivors and those supporting them .

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